Claude Young

Electronic composer, web designer, videographer, sci-fi junkie, apple computer expert & world class DJ, these are but a few of the hats worn by the anomaly that is Claude Young Jr.

This Detroit native who now resides in Tokyo (Japan) was born the son of legendary WJLB (Detroit) radio personality, station founding member and production wizard Claude Young Sr.

After early interest in television production and some experience working as an intern (and later mix show DJ) for several radio programs in the early 90's, CYJ intensified his interest in what he refers to as the art of the DJ. Coached by close friend and mentor Anthony "Shake" Shakir he became a natural almost literally overnight.

His editing & production skills in studio (taught to him by his father & years of experimentation alone) saw him work on a string of records for both independent and major record labels. Musto & Bones, Technasia, Gary Numan, Carl Craig, Joey Beltram, Inner City and 4Hero are but a few of the artist either remixed or edited by Young.

He was also cofounder of two of Detroit electronic music's most respected record imprints:

Frictional Records (with Anthony "Shake" Shakir) and

7Th City Records (with Dan "DBX" Bell).

Relocating to London in 1995, Young embarked on a string of DJ tours world wide from Europe to Asia & beyond lasting almost a decade. In December 2004, Young semi-retired from his DJ activity to start cynet:media with his current mentor & close friend / advisor HG Wells (in Glasgow) and his wife (cynet:media Japan).

This team includes cy's DJ partner, True People resident DJ & Glasgow House guru Ian Elgey.

The company will focus on presenting electronic music in the most modern forms possible and without musical constraints, media for critical thinkers and an electronic lifestyle...

One Nine Eight Fourから8年。デトロイト第三世代を代表するアーティストであるClaude Young Jrの新しいアルバムが、Tokida Shinji率いる国産レーベルであるFountain Musicより満を持してリリースされる。


『Claude Young Jr - Celestial Bodies』 最も純粋なアートがここに存在する。

FMCD-021 – Celestial Bodies

  1. Exodus Earth
  2. Observing The Kuiper Belt
  3. Delta Cephei
  4. Nysa
  5. Signals from Amor
  6. Domain Wall
  7. Sagittarius B2
  8. Galactic Coordinate System
  9. Hawking Radiation
  10. Cryosleep Dreams
  11. Sedna 90377
  12. URAS J1120+0641
  13. Messier 86 (NGC 4406)
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