Shin Nishimura

Shin Nishimura is, without doubt, one of the current top Japanese DJs. He kick-started has started his career in Shanghai, back in the days when there was absolutely no dance music scene to speak of. Shin ran his own parties called PLUS, through these introducing various essential artists, and succeeded in building up the club scene there. His first worldwide mix CD release, "Live in Shanghai", on Technorient, was massive hit and established his name on the international circuit. In 2001, after getting a high-profile gig at Germany's biggest rave party, MAYDAY, Shin brought his wares - including his DJ skills and the PLUS concept - back home to Tokyo. Hence the legendary "PLUS TOKYO" parties were born. In 2002, Takkyu Ishino put together the biggest ever Japanese techno indoor rave party, called WIRE02. Shin was one of the three major headline DJs, along with Ishino and Ken Ishii. Shin also had a track on the classic "Ghost In The Shell Tribute" compilation, released in 2004, that featured Derrick May, Mijk van Dijk and Joey Beltram, and three years later his "Gerpan" EP, released through the famed German label Toktok, established itself as a classic killer signature tune. This year's release of "Rock The House", through French label Mezzotinto, has been a huge success, with the track being spun by peers like Dubfire, Chris liebing, John Digweed and Ken Ishii. Shin's upcoming monster track, "Frustration", will be released through Dubfire's label, SCI+TEC, in April 2009! Meanwhile, the prolific DJ/producer has also developed his own label, PLUS Records, launched in 2004. Four years on, the imprint has over 10 powerful releases, and the more recent sub-label, DEKA TRAXXX, has also already unleashed eight quality records.

「何もないの状況なのは当たり前。だからポジティブに考えればいい」ロンドン、上海とDJキャリアを積み、中国の政治的な動きや法律など様々な向かい風が吹き荒れる中、2000年、上海と北京にてテクノパーティー「PLUS」をスタート。現地にテクノを根付かせることに成功する。2001年にはドイツの最大のテクノ・ レイヴ「MAYDAY」に出演。翌年、日本でも「PLUS TOKYO」をスタート。 MIX CD「PLUS MIXVOL.3」、シングル「RHYTHM MACHINE」はどちらも好セールス を記録し、2004年にはセルフレーベル「PLUS RECORDS」を再スタートさせる。2005年4月には初のフルアルバム「STAR☆LIGHT」を発表し、WIRE05に初のライブ アクトでも出演。ライブ、DJの双方の出演はWIRE史上において石野卓球、ケンイ シイに続く3人目となった。

「PLUS TOKYO」4周年に代官山AIRにてライブレコーディングしたMIX CD「MIX WITH A CHEER」、2007年には「VLOW」、そして2008年3枚目となるセルフフルア ルバム「IDENTITY POLITICS」のオリジナルライブセットを「PLUS TOKYO」にてライブレコーディングし発表。また「TOK TOK」(ドイツ)「MEZZOTINTO」(フランス)からのリリースを皮切りにUK音楽雑誌「IDJ MAG」の「ベスト・テクノ チューン」に選ばれ、全世界のミニマル部門チャートで6位を記録。そして2009年、DUBFIREの運営するレーベル「SCI+TEC」からのリリースを控え、楽曲もTiesto、KEN ISHIIのチャートイン、JOHN DIGWEEDのラジオ番組でプレイされるなど、世界の活動からも目が離せない。

FMCD-007 – Mash

Japanese wunderkind Shin Nishimura has had releases through DUBFIRE's label SCI-TEC, along with many other vital contemporary labels, and he is the head of Plus Records.

His fourth album is coming out worldwide via Intergroove.

This release comes from top Japanese label FOUNTAIN MUSIC and its sub-label PLAZA IN CROWD.

"Mash" is a superbly tight production, combining as it does U.K. beats, hard grooves, and the notion of a bigger picture work-of-art: Think innovative stuff that will reinvent tomorrow's techno

Plaza In Crowd's concept - all mankind in one party - is personified with the opening track 'Unity'.

'Earl's Court' boasts cool synths and rhythmic percussion with a sophisticated femme fatale voice sample to produce a slamming track.

'Neal's Yard' is unleashes a wicked groove reminiscent of the best Janet Jackson - rap and minimal rhythms creating a gorgeous sound.

'Milden Hall' goes all sensitive and spacey, with a vocal sample that personifies the over all grandeur of this album.

Intelligent electronica jumps to mind on 'Acid Polka', while 'Frustration Nukes' reminds us of Shin's origins (Japan) and inspires a protest reaction with sublime energy.

"Mash" is, without doubt, Plaza In Crowd's peak release of this century to date.

Get "Mash" -ed!!!

  1. Unity
  2. Tube
  3. Earl's Court
  4. Neil's Yard
  5. Milden Hall
  6. Mash Bass
  7. Knightsbridge
  8. Camden Rock
  9. Acid Polka
  10. Acid eye
  11. The way to Herringswell
  12. Frustration - No Nukes Re-Edit (Bonus Track)

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